Unrivalled Integrated Security and Access Control

Intelligent Security Systems

Unmatched Security and Access Control Integration

The Concept 4000 hardware platform, in conjunction with the Insight software suite, provides unparalleled integrated security and access control.

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Established 1988

Unbeatable access, security and communications

  • World leader in integrated intruder, access control and building automation systems
  • Head Office in Melbourne, Australia
  • Sophisticated Multi-site Architecture
  • Breathtaking CCTV and DVR Integration
  • Powerful Programming Flexibility
  • Extensive Third Party Integration
  • Seamless Integration of Intruder Alarm and Access Control
  • Massive Scalability
Massive Scalability

Powerful Programming Flexibility

Since our establishment in 1988, Inner Range has deployed over 100,000 systems across more than thirty nations. Despite substantial expansion, our core focus remains steadfast: seamlessly integrating intruder alarm and access control functionalities.

The market increasingly demands unified solutions for building management technology implementation. Inner Range equipment stands out for its unmatched blend of potency and adaptability, consistently surpassing pricier alternatives.

Those who specify, install, and use our products benefit daily from Inner Range’s commitment to excellence in system design. With cost-effective scalability, programming flexibility, robust logic, and seamless third-party compatibility, opting for an Inner Range solution presents a compelling choice.

Insight Professional

Management Software for Concept 4000 Systems

Insight Professional Components
Core package providing site management, panel programming, event review, floor plan functionality, basic reporting, operator and user administration.

Optional Modules

• CCTV Integration Module
• Advanced Reporting Module
• Photo-ID Module: Adds card design/print support
• COM Interface
• Dynamic User Import Module
• Card Pool
• Insight Communicator
• 3PGateway for Communicator
• Active User Rotation Module
• Insight Qualification Module
• Tag Board
• Visitor Management

User Friendly Programming and Control

Operators have the capability to edit programming for various elements such as users, doors, and lifts across multiple Concept 4000 panels. Key programming features encompass:

– Intuitive programming screens for user-friendly operation.
– Control functionalities for doors, areas, lifts, auxiliary outputs, etc.
– Robust search and cross-referencing tools for efficient navigation.
– Hyperlinks facilitating seamless transitions between related programming screens.

Robust Architecture

Insight is founded upon a resilient technology framework, featuring:

– Support for multiple panels and workstations (multi-client capability).
– Integration with MS SQL server database, compatible with ODBC.
– Utilization of Rijndael AES 128-bit encryption for enhanced security.
– Deployment of a proprietary Insight communications protocol tailored specifically for IP-based communications.

Seamless Multi-Site Management

Sites can be independently managed or seamlessly integrated into a unified system using the intuitive Insight software suite, accommodating nearly limitless Concept 4000 sites. With global user management capabilities, administrators can swiftly add or remove users, adjust security levels, and modify access permissions for doors and security areas. These changes are promptly synchronized across sites worldwide, ensuring immediate updates across the entire network.

Rich Floorplan View

Insight’s Schematic module offers an interactive, multi-layered graphical representation for monitoring field hardware and site security. Key features of the Schematic module include:

– Importing maps in various formats.
– Creating drill-downs and navigational hyperlinks.
– Automatically displaying schematics in response to programmed events.
– Replicating control panel functionality.
– Dragging and dropping items onto maps.
– Real-time status monitoring of inputs, areas, doors, and auxiliaries.
– Customizable icon library.
– Automatic Schematic Map login upon workstation boot-up.
– Automatically restoring saved window views upon login.
– Full-screen mode for mimic panel displays.

Comprehensive Reporting

Insight offers a diverse array of customizable reports, providing users with significant flexibility to generate reports tailored to their specific needs. Reports can be effortlessly exported to other applications. Popular report examples include:

– User access through a door.
– Alarms within an area.
– User arming/disarming activity within an area.

Additionally, the Advanced Reporting Module enhances flexibility by introducing:

– Muster reports.
– Time on site reports.
– Qualifications reports.
– Extended user reports.
– A report designer tool enabling comprehensive control over report output.

Flexible Review, Alarm and Event Management

Insight seamlessly maintains a consolidated log of alarm and system events generated across all Concept 4000 modules on the network, alongside logging operator actions within the Insight interface. Specific review events can be forwarded as pager, SMS, email, or internet messages.

The review module encompasses:

– Unlimited customizable review filters.
– Unlimited concurrent review windows.
– Extensive event triggering capabilities.
– Customizable alarm events and procedures, with control over font and color.
– Operator response processing, including systemwide acknowledgement.

The optional Insight Communicator Module automates the processing of selected review events, sending out email, pager, and SMS messages as configured.

Granular Operator Permissions

Ensure your staff is well-prepared to use the technology effectively. We offer training to ensure your staff can efficiently operate and maintain the security system, allowing you to fully utilize its capabilities.

Insight Enrolment Station

The Insight Card Enrolment Station is crafted for convenient remote enrollment of cards into an Inner Range Concept 4000 system via a PC using Insight software. This addition to the product line greatly streamlines the administration of large numbers of card users within Concept 4000 systems.

Particularly beneficial for enrolling cards with proprietary formats, where data can be captured as a unique identifier without needing interpretation or decoding. For instance, in cases where site code data cannot be derived from the card.

The Enrolment Station connects to the PC via the serial port or a serial to USB converter. It supports all Wiegand formats available in the Concept 4000 hardware platform, utilizing either Direct Entry or Site Code mode.

Model options include a version equipped with the HID Proxpoint version without a reader fitted. This option is useful in systems not utilizing HID proximity cards, enabling the installer to connect a reader matching those used in the existing hardware installation.

Insight Card Pool Module

This module simplifies access control card administration across an organization. Operators can create card pools and allocate them to users, return cards to a pool, or select a card that a user already possesses in another panel (for instance, when a visitor signs out or a contractor completes their tenure). Additionally, operators can mark cards as suspended or lost as needed.

When creating or editing users within Insight Edit (with Card Pool installed), operators can effortlessly assign the next available card from an existing card pool or select a card already held by a user in another panel. The panel scan feature in this module facilitates a smooth transition to the Card Pool model from systems with cards already programmed by automatically creating card pools.

The card scan option displays all instances in the system where a specific card is programmed or assigned. It aids in identifying all users of a card and rectifying common issues such as identifying duplicate cards and repairing broken links between cards and the users who possess them.

Advanced Reporting Module

The Advanced Reporting Module significantly boosts the reporting capabilities of any Insight/Concept 4000 system. This optional software module offers various report categories, including:

1. Time on Site Report: Calculates the time spent on-site per employee and presents the data in an easily readable format, exportable to a payroll package.
2. Muster Report: Designates an area as a muster point and displays the last access time for each user to that area.
3. Extended User Report: Displays specified user details, including name, company, department, and photograph. Custom Data Fields can be added to create new reports based on this template.
4. Review Reports: Based on data in the System Review Log.
5. Card Pool Reports: Extracted from the Card Pool data in the System.
6. User Activity Reports: Combination of user information in the database and associated Review Log activity over a specified period, including exception reports.
7. Entry Exit Reports: Combination of user information and associated Review Log activity presented on a daily basis, with selectable filters such as late entry, early exits, and non-attendance.
8. Virtual User Reports: Correlates Virtual Users across all Control Modules in the System.
9. Privilege Reports: Summarizes user access to entities like doors, lifts, and security areas.
10. Qualification Reports: Collates users based on qualifications and vice versa.
11. Access Reports: Gathers user access based on entities (doors, floors, etc.) and vice versa.

All reports in the Advanced Reporting Module leverage our flexible report generator and report designer tool. Operators can apply extensive SQL filtering to generate targeted data sets and utilize the integrated Lists and Labels reporting tool to customize reports further, including images, logos, charts, and graphs.

CCTV Integration Module

The Insight CCTV integration module empowers operators to manage Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and cameras seamlessly within the Insight interface. Its control functionalities include:

– Attaching DVRs/NVRs and cameras to Insight.
– Directly viewing live and historical video feeds within the Insight workspace.
– Remotely controlling PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras.
– Accessing recorded video information based on review events.
– Switching cameras and video feeds based on custom real-time triggers.
– Sending model-specific commands to DVRs/NVRs or cameras.
– Placing cameras and camera presets directly onto floor plans in Insight Schematic.
– Supporting multiple DVR/NVR vendors within a single Insight system.
– Creating a custom matrix with cameras connected to DVRs/NVRs from multiple vendors.
– Controlling DVRs/NVRs from multiple vendors through a unified graphical user interface.
– Linking cameras to various objects in the Insight database (doors, inputs, users, etc.).

Insight Communicator

This convenient feature enables individuals and groups to automatically receive pager, SMS, and email messages in response to Insight Review events. Insight Communicator offers extensive configurability:

– Prioritization of messages and application of specific templates based on rules.
– Utilization of simple text matching and/or regular expressions for filtering events. For example, events related to “Warehouse” might be sent only to the Warehouse Manager and Duty Guards, while those concerning “Fire” could be distributed to All Managers and Duty Guards.
– Templates determine the medium (Pager, SMS, email) and format of messages, with tailored details for each recipient, whether they are a person or a device.
– Operators can configure which messages each recipient receives, how they receive them (SMS, Pager, email), and when they receive them.
– Fully customizable schedules can dictate when messages are delivered. For instance, emails may be received at all hours, while Pager or SMS messages might be restricted to specific time frames.
– Insight Communicator also facilitates the sending of “one-off” custom messages when needed.

Insight Tag Board

The newly introduced user location module showcases the whereabouts of individual users or presents all users situated in specific locations. It offers real-time updates on user locations and is tailored for use on both public displays and private workstations.

Insight Qualification Module

This crucial new capability aids organizations in managing Occupational Health and Safety risks by enforcing access control to areas where employees are legally permitted to enter. A qualification can be associated with a door or a door-list, granting access when a user possesses a valid qualification or denying access when the qualification is invalid or expired. The system accommodates up to eight qualifications. Furthermore, users can receive credit points either through operator entry or dynamically from a third-party application. Access events then decrement these credits, and access permissions expire when the user’s credit points reach zero. This credit feature is particularly well-suited for car park applications.

Personnel Explorer

Insight Personnel Explorer streamlines user management by offering a simplified approach. This is achieved through customizable templates that enable installers to control the level of user editing exposure. Operators can be presented with specific templates based on the users they intend to edit. These templates can be tailored in various ways, including:

– Showing or hiding specific fields.
– Designating fields as read/write or read-only.
– Automatically defaulting fields.
– Creating drop-down lists on custom fields to ensure consistent data selection and maintenance.
– Rearranging field presentations for different operators.

As a result, operators only see relevant fields for a particular user template (e.g., they won’t see medical practitioner registration numbers for a Janitor template), have default details pre-filled, and are prevented from accidentally modifying information they shouldn’t have access to.

Dynamic User Import Module

This module facilitates automatic user programming of Concept Control Modules based on the output of other software systems. The Dynamic User Import Module is versatile and can be applied in various scenarios where card or PIN numbers need to be generated automatically under the direction of an external program. For example:

– Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS): Automatically adding users when a guest checks in and expiring them when they check out, with access restricted to their floor and room only.
– Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Human Resources (HR)/Payroll Systems: Adding users when they are added to the resources database and removing them upon termination of employment.
– Student Databases: Adding students when they enroll at an institution and removing them upon completion of their studies.
– Visitor Management: Adding temporary users when they are visitors on a site and removing them when their visit concludes.

COM Interface Module

The COM Interface Module empowers software developers to create applications that can establish connections with an Insight Professional Server. This module enables querying of Areas, Doors, Users, and User Types within each Concept Control Module. Additionally, it offers an interface for receiving live or archival review from the Insight Server.

Example applications include:

– Web tools capable of reacting to security and alarm messages received from Insight.
– Logistics software capable of tracking real-time counts of users entering and exiting an area.
– Messaging software that can respond to security events in the field in real-time.
– Tracking software capable of tagging the location of personnel on a site map.

Active User Rotation Module (AURM)

The Active User Rotation Module (AURM) has been specifically designed to accommodate configurations comprising one or multiple Concept control modules that necessitate more users than the maximum memory configuration permits. Panels connected permanently to the Insight server can utilize this feature to extend the number of users significantly beyond the actual capacity of the Concept control module, potentially reaching hundreds of thousands.

When a user presents their card to a reader but is not found in the control module’s database, the control module promptly sends a request to the Insight server. Within three seconds, the Insight server searches for the user within its own database. If the user is found, their record is downloaded to the control module, granting them access. If no free user records are available within the control module, the user record that has been inactive for the longest period is replaced.

AURM achieves this without deleting user records by creating a rolling cache of users, thereby enabling the storage of far greater numbers of cards than can be stored locally.

PhotoID Module

Insight PhotoID facilitates the creation and printing of user photo-identification cards with ease. Its card designer environment offers simplicity and flexibility, allowing for the inclusion of background images and employee information directly from the Insight database.

Key features include:

– Customizable card templates with options for background images, user photographs, selected database fields, and support for double-sided printing.
– Filtering of card printing across multiple templates based on user information.
– Integration with Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) compatible devices for image capture, such as digital cameras and webcams.
– Cost-effective solution allowing usage from multiple Insight client workstations with just one PhotoID license.
– Capability to print cards individually or in batches.

Additionally, once card templates are configured, individual user cards can be printed directly from the user programming screen, eliminating the need to access the Insight PhotoID module separately.




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