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Rapidly Deploy Smart Video Solutions.

Create Intelligent Video Solutions. Quickly.

Network Optix simplifies the process.

Developing sophisticated VSaaS products that are enterprise-ready, cross-platform, user-friendly, and infused with AI and computer vision capabilities can be challenging.


Elevate Your Intelligent Video Solutions with NX

Platform. Ecosystem. VMS.

At Network Optix, our sole focus is to assist you in swiftly constructing intelligent video services and solutions for your clients, leveraging our comprehensive video platform and ecosystem.


Nx Meta VPaaS

Nx Meta offers a versatile enterprise video platform compatible across various platforms, providing all the essential tools to craft a tailored, top-tier Video Software as a Service (VSaaS) solution.

  • Complete Intelligent Platform
  • Extensive Developer Toolkit
  • Compatible with Major Operating Systems and Hardware Platforms
  • Constantly updated to align with technological advancements


Works with Nx

Every product under the Powered by Nx umbrella is constructed using Nx Meta and utilizes a unified developer toolkit. The outcome? The Works with Nx Integrations Ecosystem and online marketplace.

  • Integrate once for seamless compatibility across all Powered by Nx products
  • Showcase your product to a vast network of companies
  • Discover and access integrations conveniently through the Works with Nx Marketplace


Nx Witness™ VMS

Experience the most straightforward, dependable, and user-friendly enterprise video management software available. Installation takes mere minutes, and integration is seamless with any system.

  • Accessible from any location, at any time, on any device
  • Compatible with IP cameras from over 793 manufacturers
  • Manage anywhere from 1 to 10,000 cameras without the need for engineering support
  • No prerequisite software or databases needed
  • Object detection and business intelligence capabilities
  • Search through a year’s worth of video in less than a second
  • Replace outdated systems in a matter of minutes


The Nx Integrations Marketplace offers a centralized hub of products seamlessly integrating with Powered by Nx solutions such as Nx Witness VMS, all accessible via Nx Cloud. This platform empowers you to discover tailored solutions and customize your IP Video system according to your needs.


Introducing the newest iteration of the Network Optix Video Platform and Nx Witness VMS – Version 5.1.

Version 5.1 enhances the 5th generation of Nx Witness by broadening device and analytics compatibility, bolstering administrative functions, and streamlining workflows, particularly beneficial for enterprise-level users. Download Version 5.1 today to discover the latest features, such as Cross-system layouts, Camera Replacement, Remote Log Retrieval, and beyond.

Nx Cloud

A straightforward method for connecting to and overseeing an infinite array of Nx Witness systems.


Access your Nx Witness System securely from any location, at any time, and on any device.


Grant access to your Nx Witness system with ease, utilizing pre-defined or personalized roles.


Connect an infinite number of Nx Witness systems to a single account effortlessly.




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